• Assaad Mrad

Guest writer for the Wolfram blog and featured in AGU's Eos magazin

I recently had the honor to write a guest post in the Wolfram blog about forecasting boom-bust cycles in grain production and groundwater use in the U.S. High Plains. The post has Mathematica code you can use to analyze the data I used for the PNAS article. Check it out here: Crop Production Forecasts and Groundwater Trends Based on the Predator–Prey Model—Wolfram Blog

For that, I need to especially thank Mads Bahrami (M. Bahrami (@mb_ir) / Twitter) for his guidance and for the opportunity.

This work was also featured in an article in the Eos magazine of the American Geophysical Union: Modeling Groundwater and Crop Production in the U.S. High Plains - Eos

Thanks to Jady Carmichael for a wonderful interview and for writing the article.

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