My Resume

Research Career

Post-doctoral Fellow

January 2021 - present

Wildfire spread in the context of vegetation dynamics and ecohydrology, UC Irvine & Wake Forest University

Ph.D., Environmental Science

September 2016 - December 2020

Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University - Durham, NC

Dissertation: "Plant water transport and photosynthesis in water-limited environments"

Research experience:

  • Collaborated with an international team of wood anatomists and plant physiologists to discover the influence of xylem vessel network on plant resistance to embolism spread.

  • Formalized a dynamic optimality approach to produce a publication on the response of photosynthesis to drought.

  • Developed an object-oriented program on Matlab to simulate water flow in vegetation and its resistance to embolism spread (available on Github).

  • Performed a dynamical systems analysis to project groundwater withdrawal and crop production on the United States High Plains.

  • Orchestrated a synthesis of the literature on size-density relationships in mono-specific stands shaped by competition.

Bachelor in Engineering

September 2012 - May 2016

Mechanical Engineering, American University of Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon

I was especially passionate about thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. I learned valuable lessons that influence the way I conduct research today:

  • to focus on the problem at hand, rather than on the tools used to solve it,

  • to be comfortable tapping into other fields of study, 

  • to disregard field delineations. For example, in the mechatronics course, I programmed and built a circuit and a mechanical device. I used these three different course subjects for one purpose.

CV updated in March 2021